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gas station light

Anti Explosive LED Gas station light (had passed "e" class - explosive atmosphase)
CNEX approve & ATEX pending
Distribution Partner Wanted - LED
A product like LED street lamp or led gas station light have a very big market potential. 
Take gas station light for example, in the current market, gas station use a 400W HPS Light, and you can replace it with our 100W LED gas station lamp, generally one gas station use about 15-20 lamps, the number in electric bill saving is huge. All you need, like our distributor in Mexico, just buy a few samples, and offer to install for free for 1 week. (Please kindly see attached photo, our Mexico distributor's case) IMAGINE, how many gas stations in your country and the market potential, and you are helping them to save energy!!! and let's them try for free, why won't they try it.  If they try it, they will love it, and gas station are rich in cash.  if you gonna go for a market, gonna go with the one with money in the pocket, would you agree? 

We see a market opportunity in this market, and we invest greatly in research and development of this product, and I would want to invite you to join this success!!

The sample would be just a small investment, and the return is big. 
We sincerely hope to find a way to cooperate with you, For our distributor, we can offer samples at  price, and also we will offer all necessary technical information for support.
Shall there be any questions, please kindly feel free to contact me.
We also specialist in LED Street light, LED Tunnel Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Warehouse Light, LED Sport Light, and indoor

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